Could Amy Adams come back as Lois Lane?


Sadly, the DCU films did not do well even though they had an amazing cast. Amy Adams brought Lois Lane to life alongside Henry Cavil’s amazing Superman.

Now, although there has been no talk of a new Superman film or even a continuation of Justice League, Adams made an interesting comment recently. In a interview with Empire, Adams said she would come back to reprise her role as Lois Lane if Warner Bros. did another film. Sadly, according to her, the studio is not looking at this time to go ahead with those plans.

She did a pretty good job in my opinion of portraying Lane who is an iconic comic book character, she made her matter again. This Lane was more of a fighter than a damsel in distress and it was refreshing to see.

Warner Bros. has not fully stated her character could never return, we still have The Batman and Suicide Squad films coming in the future so Lois Lane could make a cameo or two. I honestly can not see any other person playing Lane at this point. In whatever capacity she does come back I am sure fans would welcome it. With everything being so uncertain in the entertainment industry right now it is refreshing to see certainty about an iconic role.

Amy Adams Is “Totally Open” to Returning as Lois Lane []

Tarah Bleier
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