Cujo remake has terrible new title


Ready to bash your head against your keyboard. They’re remaking Cujo (no, don’t bash yet) and the new film is going to be called C.U.J.O. That stands for Canine Unit Joint Operations (you’re good to bash now). 

A remake might be annoying, but remaking Stephen King is practically a yearly event these days so whatever. What is upsetting is the fact that the new film will most likely have almost nothing to do with the original book or movie. The title alone hints at a plot involving military dog breeding or something and the press release that announced the movie also stated that DJ Perry will be starring in the film. He is neither a mother or a child, which the original focused on, so we’re guessing that the only actual link is going to be killer dogs.

Things are really early with this, but Lang Elliott (who?) is directing and this is evidently the dog that will play Cujo. We’re guessing that this one might run straight to video or better yet never see the light of day.

[via Film School Rejects]

Matthew Razak
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