Daniel Day-Lewis makes a better Lincoln than Lincoln did


Stephen Spielberg’s long-awaited Abraham Lincoln biopic is shooting in Richmond, Virginia, former home of the Confederacy and where I spent most of my younger days. Most of the reason I want to go back to visit my parents is so I can stalk the set for the chance of getting a hug from Daniel Day-Lewis looking like Lincoln. That would be so damn cool. This picture is Daniel Day-Lewis on a bit of a break, but we can see that his Abraham Lincoln is exceptionally accurate-looking. Look at that guy. He looks like he’s gonna go free all the slaves, even the ones in fictional novels and in the future. Then he’ll fly to the future and break Lee Harvey Oswald’s face off when he tries to kill JFK. Then Link and Kenny Boy will travel through time and space, righting wrongs and saving billions OH MY GOD LINCOLN IS THE DOCTOR.

It should also be noted how method he’s getting into this role. Apparently, he’s hasn’t broken his Lincoln accent since March, and his real name doesn’t appear on the call sheet. Man is legit.

[Via Collider]