Daniel Radcliffe is interested in a role for Frankenstein


Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that we were watching a prepubescent Harry Potter thwart evil while causing a little mischief on the side? I’m sighing wistfully, in case you were wondering. I was actually worried about Daniel Radcliffe for a little while there. Know one really knew what he would do after the Harry Potter movies, or if it would be worthwhile or not. Everything seems to be going well, though. The Woman in Black turned out to be quite chilling, and he has a film in post production right now, as well as another one still filming. I have a feeling the kid will be around for a while, and I think that’s good news. You know what else is good news? He isn’t afraid of taking strange roles.

Rumor has it that Radcliffe is interested in taking on a role for the upcoming Frankenstein, and not just any role. He wants to play the decrepit hunchback, who if you’ll recall, is the good doctor’s assistant. The character is being described “as pathologically dirty and dressed in old clowns clothing.” So, that’s different I guess. If Radcliffe is interested in distancing himself from the Harry Potter character, this would certainly be one way to do it, but after the success of The Woman in Black I think we’ve already begun to take him seriously as an actor. Well, I have at least. Either way, whatever the future holds for him we’ll always have that little tyke with the lighting bolt scar. 

[via JoBlo]