David Ayer says Suicide Squad reshoots are not about humor


With a new trailer landing that’s jam-packed full of one-liners and bravado you’d be hard pressed to understand why Suicide Squad would need to go back for reshoots to add to its humor, but after BvS‘s dour turn you might start to see why that rumor cropped up. David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad, has finally spoken out on the reshoots saying that they have nothing to do with humor and everything to do with WB wanting more of a good thing, particularly action. 

No of course if you’re David Ayer you’re going to say that, but it may also be pretty true. I mostly believe it is because I refuse to believe that WB would be so tone deaf as to have made Suicide Squad into a dour action flick in the first place. Plus, most movies of this size do go into reshoots. It’s just a thing that happens. However, they don’t go into extensive reshoots that often, and a studio is even less likely to dump a ton of money into something just because “love” a movie. They also came right after all that blowback from BvS so that’s a little… odd.

The trailers for this one have me excited, but I wish the DC universe would stop being such a s**t show. 

Matthew Razak
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