Demon House trailer shows that Zak Bagans has to pay off a mortgage


Demon House is a movie that if I never spent late nights watching trash TV, I would assume is some found footage no-budget horror trying in the most threadbare way to appear real. That is somehow not the case, as we’re supposed to believe this is a documentary.

At one point in the trailer, Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures infamy says, “I bought the house sight unseen.” This is when you know why the movie is being made. Dude bought the place just because someone said it was haunted, and now he needs to make that scratch back. It’s the ultimate house flip.

Demon House (Zak Bagans) - TRAILER

Just yesterday I was lamenting the trend in supernatural “documentary” series that consists of little more than adult babies running around in the dark screaming. Ghost Adventures was the first show I thought of when I made that statement. It’s essentially what would happen if you unloaded a frat house into a haunted asylum for an evening. Dudes barking and posturing at the walls, trying to goad ghosts into fighting them. It’s bad.

This trailer does little to change my mind, as it seems more unhinged than a trailer for a new Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch Project. At one point Zak Bagans tells us the movie is cursed. I’m sure it is.

There’s also a poster, which warns you to “VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK.” There are 70’s horror movies that promised to drive you insane putting up their hands right now and asking Demon House to pump the breaks just a little bit.

The movie will reach theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on March 16, 2018.

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