Does Ivan Reitman want a Ghostbusters reboot?


Sometimes I feel like my childhood has just had a train run on it. Is that a bit hyperbolic as an analogy? Sure, but that still doesn’t make my six year old self feel any better about the things I’ve had to witness as an adult. Ghostbusters is an especially precious piece of nostalgia for me, and anyone who’s followed the storied history of the fabled sequel knows that just about every year we’re told something different. A while back there was supposedly a Ghostbusters in Hell starring the original cast, then more recently Reitman himself described a plot where the reigns would be handed down to a younger generation of Ghostbusters. You know what happens when you can’t decide on where to take a franchise? Why, reboot it of course! At least, that’s seems to be what Reitman is implying in his interview with Collider when asked about the direction of the Ghostbusters sequel:

 “Well, I’d like to go forward and make new things, I think Ghostbusters probably should be remade, if we can get it all right. We’re working on it, so we’ll see.” 

Sounds like he doesn’t even know what’s going on anymore, which is understandable considering how many times they’ve changed directions. Personally, I just wish we could leave well enough alone. Ghostbusters is an amazing film, even when I watch it now. Why does it have to be amended or tampered with? Why can’t these directors stop reaching into my soul and punching my inner child right in the eye? Oh yeah. Dollar bills, son, that’s why.

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