Don Hertzfeldt teases a World of Tomorrow sequel, life is good


Gosh I love Don Hertzfeldt. The indie animator’s handmade, in-camera works made a major impression in the 1990s and early 2000s thanks to shorts like Lily and Jim and Rejected. Hertzfeldt went on to received major critical accolades thanks to the three shorts that comprised the devastating feature film It’s Such a Beautiful Day. 2015 marked the release of a new Hertzfeldt short called World of Tomorrow. Hertzfeldt’s first foray in digital animation was nominated for an Academy Award.

Last Friday, Hertzfeldt teased a sequel to World of Tomorrrow on Twitter.


There are no further details about this second chapter in the World of Tomorrow story. No release date is available at the moment either.

I assume that Hertzfeldt might turn these World of Tomorrow shorts into a feature film like he did with It’s Such a Beautiful Day. I also assume that this second installment of Tomorrow will cover the further adventures of Emily, the main character in the first short. The journey through space and time will probably get even more emotional than the initial 16-minute short. Dammit, Don, you turn me into a soggy emotional wreck.

We’ll keep you posted on the World of Tomorrow sequel as more details emerge. Below is Don Hertzfeldt’s brilliantly oddball, time-displaced couch gag for The Simpsons, a sort of precursor to the aesthetic of World of Tomorrow.

For now, life is good. Everybody dance!

[via Indiewire]
The Simpsons | Travel Into The Future Couch Gag

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