Donnie Yen will punch you a lot really fast in Ip Man 3D


Even though Donnie Yen initially said he wasn’t interested in a third Ip Man film, it looks like he’s coming back to punch you very fast… IN 3D! Ip Man 3D: The Search for Sammo will reteam Yen with writer Edmond Wong and director Wilson Yip. The third film will most likely focus on Ip Man training Bruce Lee in the ways of Wing Chun. I’m hoping it’s better than Ip Man 2, in which Ip Man wasn’t nearly as smart a fighter as he was in the first film. I had no problem with him not being as dominant a fighter, but his main opponent in the sequel should have justified the challenge he posed through strategic boxing rather than just brute strength (i.e., less pounds per square inch, more emphasis on the sweet science).

This isn’t the only 3D dose of Donnie Yen we’ll be getting. Yen’s also been working on a 3D version of The Iceman Cometh, a remake of one of Yuen Biao’s best films. It has nothing to do with the Eugene O’Neill play of the same name, unless there was some bananas first draft I don’t know about.

Both Ip Man 3D and The Iceman Cometh 3D are scheduled for 2013 releases. At this rate, we’ll probably get both of those before Wong Kar Wai’s Ip Man movie The Grandmasters — that’s slated for December 2012, but it’s been exceedingly slow in coming, which bodes ill.

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