Doug Liman to “climb” Mt. Everest to “peak” of movies!


I am so f***ing clever it hurts did you read my hilarious headline? Seriously, I hate it when other film writers leap at the chance for stupid pun/play on words headlines, and this bit is perfect for that sort of nonsense. Mr. and Mrs. Smith director Doug Liman has signed on to direct Everest with Sony. The film will focus on explorer George Mallory’s attempts to scale the mountain in the 1920s. Mallory famously failed to climb the peak twice, then disappeared during his third attempt in 1924.

Here’s my pitch for it. Doug Liman makes a movie about the first attempt, which is well received and generally pretty good. After that, Paul Greengrass makes films about the other two attempts that are worlds more interesting, if horribly shot with insane amounts of shaky-cam cinematography. That’ll be twenty thousand dollars, Sony. You’re welcome.

[Via Deadline]