Dreamworks picks up Felix the Cat rights


Felix the Cat is a bit of an oddball. Not just character-wise within the various incarnations of his television shows and movies, but also his iconic status. I feel like most people can recognize the character, even if they haven’t seen any Felix the Cat animations. That said, these days he’s definitely not as popular as a character from your average Disney, Muppet or Cartoon Network show.

However, at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas earlier this week, DreamWorks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg confirmed that the company had purchased all rights to the Felix the Cat brand. How they will end up using these rights remains to be seen, and the company has not publicly discussed any plans for new Felix the Cat movies or TV shows.

If they do decide to bring Felix back, I hope they keep the weird surrealist strangeness that some of the Felix the Cat shows had, and the shows also sometimes displayed a weird semi-PG13 feeling, and both of those things really set the show apart from the Mickey Mouses of the day and gave Felix a bit of a cult status. Anyway, if we find out any news about a new Felix the Cat movie, you bet we’ll tell you about it.

[via Collider]