Dundee teaser promises comedic … possibilities


Crocodile Dundee is classic 80s cinema. Tight jeans. Street toughs on New York streets. And badass music by Iggy Pop. Now, 32 years later, we’re set to get some major role reversal in the fourth installment in the series; buff beau Chris Hemsworth will play the progeny of Mic Dundee’s frumpy sidekick, Wally, while usually frumpy Danny McBride will play the unlikely and illegitimate spawn of Dundee himself.

Hence the entirety of this trailer’s … wit. There’s potential here, but a lot remains to be seen.

Dundee has yet to finalize a release date for summer 2018, but they’ll probably throw a shrimp on the barbie come June–barbie, Australian for BBQ. Didgeridoos and kangaroos.