Easy money won’t not let Pitch Perfect 4 be a thing


Let me get my dig in upfront about how a potential sequel to the worst sequel ever is totally fine and definitely not capitalism squeezing out my last gasp of creative hope for Hollywood. Nope, just another Wednesday where once exciting and innovative movies get recycled trying to recapture the magic of an original whose novelty was part of what made it special. Not bitter at all.

In all honesty, I’ve never understood series or sequel fatigue because that means enough people are watching and enjoying them for more to get made. So master of peas Rebel Wilson confirming Pitch Perfect 4 has “some things in the works” is alright by me. In fact, dare I say I’m slightly curious about what a fourth film will bring because the third was crazy and dumb in a bad way, so maybe the sequel will go full on Fast and Furious.

Other than Rebel’s confirmation, the details are scant and Universal wouldn’t even confirm if it’s actually a thing. However, I’m all for the cast, who do have great charisma together, taking another vacation on the studio’s dime. According to Wilson, all of the girls “love each other,” which may be press talk but I refuse to believe that after the stinker that was 3. If Adam Sandler is allowed to do it, Anna Kendrick and crew have definitely earned the siesta. Maybe this time there will be more than one A cappella group too! 

Rebel Wilson Confirms a Pitch Perfect 4 Is in Development: “There’s Some Things in the Works” – [Vanity Fair]