European viewers are really eager to watch The Mandalorian


For one reason or another, Disney delayed the launch of its streaming service in Europe until this month. While American viewers were digging into The Mandalorian and experiencing a western tinged slice of Star Wars, everyone across the pond was waiting for some kind of official release. With Disney+ now in European homes, everyone is pretty jazzed about the series.

According to reports from TV research company Parrot Analytics, The Mandalorian has put out a high number of “demand expressions.” This is basically a metric used to gauge fan interest in something, to which Mando’s adventures with Baby Yoda have garnered around 33 million demands.

The show is the most popular thing in Europe at the moment, but the German market (in particular) has taken a liking to this sci-fi opera. Parrot measured around 12 million individual demands from that market, with the UK trailing behind at 7.9 million. Even with that slight drop-off, The Mandalorian is keeping everyone glued to their screens during these trying times.

Disney still isn’t talking numbers about how successful any of its shows are, but it is clear to see that The Mandalorian is rising to the occasion. Obviously, that second season is going to kill it when it launches later in the year.

The Mandalorian‘ Racked Up 33M Demand Expressions In Europe After Disney+ Launch, Says Parrot¬†Analytics [Deadline]

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