EW ponies up a bunch of Avengers photos


Tomorrow’s Entertainment Weekly features The Avengers, and EW has released a look at many of the photos they’ll be carrying in that issue. I am personally very staunchly against set photos, as they needlessly spoil movies when they’re not making people jump to conclusions based on unfinished footage/stills from a paparazzo with a telescopic lens made from two hundred yards away. These are OFFICIAL set photos, so it’s actually well shot stuff, and you can get a good look at folk. For instance, I think this is the clearest look we’ve had of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) yet, and he’s looking REALLY good. There’s also some headshot-style stuff of most of our leads. I didn’t realize Mark Ruffalo was actually playing an older Derek Zoolander.

Check them all out in the gallery below. Man, next summer can’t come fast enough.

[Via EW]