Expendables 3 rolls out a whole ton of posters


The cast for the Expendables films just keeps getting larger and larger, and in this very rare instance that is a completely awesome thing. You can tell it’s completely awesome because despite the absurd amount of character posters that have hit the web today it’s hard not to get excited scrolling through all of them as we get some of our first looks at Kelsey Grammar, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes in their get ups for the film.

Cooler than that is the slant they too with these photos. The behind the scenes angle pushes them past your normal character shots and really supports the idea that these films are just a bunch of action guys getting together making a movie. I think Arnold’s pulls it off the best, but then again what doesn’t Arnold do the best. Check out the new shots and keep your eyes open for a trailer, which should land soon because that’s what they do after poster releases.

[via Comingsoon/IGN/Joblo/Collider]

Matthew Razak
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