Fantastic Four and Assassins Creed do some date jumping


Two release date notes to hit you up with here on movies you may be interested in because the involve comic books and videogames, and those sit at the top of the good things to be interested in list. First the Fantastic Four reboot has moved to June 19 of 2015 from March, most likely because the cast hasn’t been hammered down yet. The only confirmed(ish) role is Miles Teller as Reed Richards. This puts Four in some prime competition during summer, but considering the brand awareness it should still fare well.

Assassins Creed on the other hand is getting demoted. Originally slated as a summer tent pole it has now been pushed to an end of summer release of August 7, 2015. Of course now it has no competition so it may be a wise strategic move. While Assassins Creed may be known to gamers it isn’t going to grab non-gamers when up against a better known franchise during the summer.

[via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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