Fast & Furious 7 getting rewrites to honor Paul Walker


Now that Fast & Furious 7 has officially halted its production for the time being to properly get its bearings after losing Paul Walker, Universal is still in the midst of a very confusing situation. One of the many options they’re considering is perhaps using what little they shot of Walker (as his work in the film was only half completed before his death) and using it to earn a fitting send off for his character, Brian O’Conner. 

If Fast & Furious 7‘s writer, Chris Morgan, can somehow make it happen to where it will seem natural and won’t be insulting to the fans, shooting may resume in January. But there’s so much more wrapped up in all of this. There’s the big ole’ insurance issue too. While Universal is covered (and will be covered if scrapping all of the footage and starting over is deemed necessary), I’m sure the last thing they want to do is start over. According to THR, Universal is aware of fan support to keep the current film (complete with its many car crashes),but no one wants to take a step yet. Luckily everyone is keeping a level head during this. 

It’s all up in the air, and they’re not even sure they’re going to make the July release date (Fox hopes they don’t). But since the series will most likely gain new legions of fans due to the incident, it’s most likely we’ll be getting Fast Se7en sooner rather than later. 

[via THR]