First full trailer for Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars - Theatrical Trailer (In Select Theaters Now)

After getting its start on Kickstarter thanks to an overwhelmingly positive fan response, the Veronica Mars movie is finally releasing this March and we now have the first trailer for it. The thing about this first trailer, however, is that it’s incredibly exclusionary. I’ve never seen an episode of Veronica Mars (and as much as I want to see it, it’s not available legally anywhere without having to buy physical discs), so this trailer isn’t meant for me. 

It’s a celebration for fans as Veronica (Kristen Bell, who looks as charming as always), returns home for a high school reunion only to find out her friend (?) is wrapped up in a murder case. There are plenty of character reunion scenes, which I’m sure will please fans and Kickstarter backers, but nothin that grabs anyone outside the fandom. If Veronica Mars wants to make any money as a movie rather than just exist as a Kickstarter project, it has to try and appeal to a wider market. That just isn’t happening right now. 

But I’m sure money’s not a concern as Veronica Mars will only release in select theaters March 14.