First I Feel Pretty trailer drops hard


I Feel Pretty | Official Trailer | Own It Now on Digital HD, Blu Ray & DVD

STX Films released a full trailer for Amy Schumer’s new film, I Feel Pretty, in which Amy Schumer overcomes her insecurities about her appearance through self reflection and character building head trauma.

The premise feels like it’s been done before, but I’m always happy to see Aidy Bryant and Sasheer Zamata, and hopefully their personalities, along with Schumer’s, will help carry it.

I’m glad to see they cast average looking guys, since the trope of ‘person with ok face and solid personality gets hot/gets surgery/wishes on a star to win affection of more conventionally attractive person’ is both beaten to death and kind of a not-great message to send.

Also, maybe the trailer is a fakeout, and the film will tell the dark tale of Schumer’s Jacob’s Ladder-esque descent into hellish madness after she dies from her SoulCycle head bonk. Find out in our eventual review!

I Feel Pretty does not yet have a set release date.