First image of The Wolverine has a veiny Hugh Jackman


Even if this first official promo image from the upcoming sequel/probably not sequel The Wolverine doesn’t give away to much, it premieres two very important things, Hugh Jackman’s bulgy, veiny, and sex-ay muscles and Hugh Jackman’s bulgy, veiny, and sex-ay muscles. 

Seriously though, the real story is the background. Looks like old Logan is in some sort of temple thing (someone who’s familiar with it fill me in please!) and positively looks badass because photoshop and glossy oils work well with people who are in shape. Although X-Men Origins: Wolverine failed to accomplish anything on any levels, I still have a linger of hope that the setting change (Wolvie’s going to Japan!) and not calling itself X-Men Origins 2: Wolvie Goes to Japan and Cuts Up Stuff will help the franchise go in interesting directions. You check out all of Jackman’s sex-ay glorious-itude in the gallery below. 

[via Indiewire]