First look at Get Smurfy, the new Smurfs movie


Here it is. The first look you’ve all been waiting for since we saw that concept art for the new Smurfs movie. You weren’t waiting for this? Same on you. What could make you not excited for a Smurfs movie? Oh, right

Well you should probably give this one a peak. They’re rebooting the franchise and bringing it back to its roots if that means anything to you. The video basically introduces the cast (Demi Lovato, Rainn Wilson and Mandy Patinkin) and gives us a look at some of the art style, which is actually kind of compelling. You’ll also learn that evidently today was Global Smurfs Day, which is actually a day that Sony didn’t just make up. 

If Sony Animation actually gives this some character I could start getting excited for it, but I’ve got no nostalgia for the franchise and the last too movies made me smurf-hurl blue chunks so they’re going to have to do something damn awesome. 


Matthew Razak
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