First look at Sly Stallone and Arnie in The Tomb


It’s Expendables week at Flixist and we’ll be choc-a-block with features related to geriatric actioners up until the full review on Friday. The movie promises an expanded role for Arnold Schwarzenegger, although those waiting for a true two-hander – no, not like that, you filthy people – between Sly and Arn will have to wait for The Tomb next year. In possibly the greatest feats of implausible casting in movie history, Sly will play an architect specialising in supposedly inescapable prisons, who gets locked up himself and requires the help of a wise and philosophical fellow inmate (naturally played by Arnie) and a computer expert, played by… wait for it… 50 CENT! Meanwhile, former messiah Jim Caviezel will play the requisite sadistic warden, with Vinnie Jones as his burly assistant. Obviously.

I really, really hope this turns out to be as much fun as my imagination promises, and the glorious ‘tache draped across Arnie’s chin says it cannot possibly fail.

[via Film Stage]