First look at Sundance’s Goats; there are goats in it


Hey, see that bearded, wild-man above? That’s David Duchovny. Yep. In the photos below we have our first look at Christopher Neil’s comedy Goats, which was just announced as a part of the Sundance 2012 lineup.

Goats is about a young boy, played by Graham Phillips, who splits his time between his biological father and step-mom who want him to go to an uppity private school, and his new-age, biological mother and the only father he’s ever known – The Goat Man. This movie could either be really fun or really boring, guess we’ll have to wait and see for reactions from Sundance. I do love the idea of a kid being raised in the desert by a Goat Man, though.

[via First Showing, via Collider]