First Look: Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock in G.I. Joe


The first G.I. Joe movie turned out to actually be a little bit fun. One of those guilty pleasures you pretend you hated, but really kind of want to watch again. So what could make a movie like that even more of a guilty pleasure? Dwayne Johnson as the badass Brigade.

From Johnson’s Twitter we have the first look of the character from the film taken during the first day of shooting. Johnson says its about 110 degrees where they’re filming. Gotta say it must be a dry heat because he isn’t gleaming with sweat like he was throughout Fast 5. Also, I think he’s going to kick some ass.

In other G.I. Joe: Retaliation news Walton Coggins has joined the team as Warden Nigel James. My Joe lore is not so deep so I have no clue who that is. We’ll just have to wait until June 29 to see how these two handle their iconic (and less iconic) roles.

[TheRock, via The Daily Blam!]

Matthew Razak
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