First Official Images released for Pacific Rim: Uprising, trailer on the way tomorrow


Last week, Pacific Rim: Uprising surprised us with some pretty cool posters. Today, in an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, we are treated to the first official images from the upcoming film. 

When Guillermo del Toro left production on the sequel to work on The Shape of Water, I was skeptical that Uprising would be able to find its footing. However, Steven S. DeKnight has nailed the aesthetic of the movie in these photos.The color scheme looks a bit more vivid than from the original movie, but still feels like Pacific Rim. The pictures of the robots in particular look just as campy and fun as they used to, with lasers and launching fists alike.

There’s more: Pacific Rim: Uprising will get its first trailer tomorrow. We don’t know anything about the story yet, so getting to dig into something substantial will be a real treat.

Pacific Rim Uprising photos offer first look at John Boyega preparing to stomp monsters [Entertainment Weekly]