First teaser for the Raid 2: Berandal starts awesome…


If you haven’t seen The Raid (aka The Raid: Redemption) yet you’re doing everything in your life wrong. Seriously, sit down and consider the choices you’ve made and realize they’re all wrong. Now, go watch The Raid. Then come back and watch the trailer for its sequel The Raid 2: Berendal. Make sure you watch it loud on a big ass screen or director Gareth Evans says he will come and find you. As you can tell from the teaser he’s pretty creative in the ways he can think of to hurt people.

As for the teaser. It’s amazing. Lots of familiar faces and just some fantastically edited together snippets of action that hint at a few of the more unique fights we’re going to get. Can’t wait until we get to check out the full fights the movie is going to deliver when it lands next year.

While you’re making good life choices you should probably check out Dredd too. 

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