First trailer for Body at Brighton Rock brings the horror and a bear

Body At Brighton Rock - Official Trailer

Body at Brighton Rock was one of the more interesting films I saw at SXSW in that it wasn’t perfect but what it tried to do was too interesting not to watch. It has landed its first trailer, which actually reflects the film’s tone and direction really well… for about a minute. Then it, much like the film itself, tries to play up its worst aspects… along with a bear-sized spoiler.

I’d actually encourage you to just stop watching the trailer right around the time she finds the body because the rest of it is mostly lying. Yea, things get all horror-movie but not in the way this trailer shows at all. In fact, in speaking with the director at SXSW this trailer feels kind of against what she was going for int he film. I suppose it’ll put more buts in seats, though. The delicate balance of truth to advertising played out in an indie film trailer.

There’s also a cool looking poster for the film you can check out. 

Body at Brighton Rock will release in theaters and On Demand on April 26, 2019.

Matthew Razak
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