First trailer for girl powered horror series Girl Up and Die


Despite best efforts, the horror genre is dominated by testosterone. Reboot after reboot, sequel, after sequel, we get the same kinds of stories told by the same kinds of dudes. Thankfully, the good folks at Unfriendly Productions are working to change all of that. Starting in October, there’ll be five short films focusing on female horrors like “[p]ossessed tampons, the unpopular undead, demonic imaginary-boyfriends, and sadistic queen bees.” It all just sounds absolutely wonderful. There aren’t enough films in general with a perspective like this. 

Check out the trailer for the series below and be sure to hit up their website and YouTube page for more info and episodes. I’ll certainly be keeping track. How could I not with a kickass title like this?

Girl Up and Die premieres October 6th. 

GIRL UP AND DIE: Full Trailer