First trailer for I, Frankenstein and I, am bored


“I am unlike any other…as long as you ignore all of these guys I’m totally fighting right now” is the basic message of the first sad trailer for I, Frankenstein starring He, Aaron Eckhart. Produced by the Underworld folks, I, Frankenstein takes Adam Frankenstein, a monster created by Victor Frankenstein (?) who now has to fight against demons that are hunting him down. 

I, Valdez am just so bored. I wanted to like a film with a sexy Frankenstein monster (since that’s going to most likely be my Halloween costume), but it looks like generic schlock that turns a classic Universal monster into some brooding anti-hero. I guess I’ll wait for the inevitable sequels too: II, Frankenstein and III, Frankenstein. I, Frankenstein comma splices theaters next January. 

[via Machinima]