First trailer for The Snowman cuts off some heads


The Swedes are messed up

First, I have to apologize. With an October 20 release date, and the title The Snowman you may have thought that this was a remake of the classic horror film Jack Frost. It both happily and sadly is not. It is a thriller based on the Swedish book by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø in which Michael Fassbender tracks down a creepy serial killer who builds snowmen.

If you're getting some Girl With the Dragon Tatoo its pretty easy to understand. Aside fromj the obvious connection, this has all the boundary pushing hallmarks of that series along with the dull grays that dominated the film visually thanks to every tree being dead and snow being everywhere. I haven't read the books so thematically I have no idea if they're the same, but I can say that this looks creepy as hell. Maybe -- dare I say it -- creepier than a killer snowman come to life. 

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