Five new Tusk images show off our main characters, Michael Parks’ stitchwork?


I really, really want Kevin Smith’s Tusk to be good. I really did not like Red State, and this movie just looks so delightfully twisted. It’s also the first in a trilogy of films, and if it’s anything like his last ‘trilogy,’ I will hopefully fall in love with him all over again.

Meanwhile, here’s some new images! Nothing terribly new to look at that you won’t see in the trailer besides Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez in the belly of the beast, but I am absolutely in love with the image I used in this article’s header! Justin Long looks like he’s in for a really bad trip.

The first reviews should be trickling out of the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, so hopefully we’ll know soon what to expect when this wonderful experiment in body horror bursts into wide release in a couple weeks! Also, in case you missed it, peep the synopsis below. 

[via /film]

Wallace (Justin Long) co-hosts a popular podcast with his pal Teddy (Haley Joel Osment), focusing on cruel, mocking cringe humour as part of their mission to keep it “real and raunchy.” After his trip to Winnipeg to interview the “Kill Bill Kid” — a teen whose unfortunate samurai-sword video has gone viral — comes up empty, Wallace decides to make the trip worth his while and find a good story north of the forty-ninth parallel. A handwritten flyer he finds in a bar bathroom leads him to a grizzled old swab (Michael Parks) full of tall tales to share from his life of adventure at sea — and this is where Wallace’s voyage to the Great White North descends into straight-up madness.