Five new Warm Bodies posters for the undead hordes


Y’know, over the course of the past few years writing for Flixist, I’ve gravitated more towards ‘avoid trailers ’til I get to see them on the big screen.’ Since I work for a sizeable theater chain, I typically see an average of two movies a week, which means I see a lot of trailers. Because of this, a trailer I haven’t seen before usually gets me pretty jazzed. In the case of Warm Bodies, I saw the poster long before I saw the trailer. Given the context of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two: The Final Chapter: It All Ends Here: Probably coming soon (at the time), I groaned and figured it’d be an even creepier teen girl flick about an average teen girl pursued by an undead guy, likely based on a Young Adult book. Having written it off as trash I would see four weeks after it premiers in a disguise so nobody recognizes me, I made no effort to find out any more about it.

Then I saw the trailer. As soon as it ended, I took back ever bad thing I had to say and am now counting the days until I get to see the midnight showing. February 1st feels like an eternity away, but Collider has delivered unto the unwashed masses five new posters to whet their appetites.

You had me at Zombie Rob Corddry, Summit Entertainment.

[Via Collider]