Flix for (not so) Short: Every Woody Allen Stammer

Every Woody Allen Stammer From Every Woody Allen Movie

This is a Herculean feat of editing. Behold: Every Woody Allen Stammer From Every Woody Allen Movie, a 44-minute compilation of just that. Kudos to editors Oliver Noble and Ben Craw. The duo split duties on this video: Craw started from Allen’s earliest films and worked his way forward, while Noble started with Allen’s newest films and worked his way back. The project was worked on for a few months while the editors also did other projects for The Huffington Post.

I watched this video last night in its entirety, and I realized about 15 minutes in that I’ve had entire conversations just like this. It’s, well, it’s-it’s so… mmm… I-I-I can’t, but… It’s pretty-pretty, well, ah-accurate.

Also, if you get all the way to the end, you get the powers of a spider.

[Via The Huffington Post]

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