Flix for Short: Captain T&T


Captain T&T, written and directed by Christopher and Leizelle Guinness, is one of the best short films you’ll see this year. It’s about a young boy, Thin Foot, growing up in Trinidad and Tobago (which the T&T stand for) who wants to be a superhero and is trying his damndest to get superpowers. 

But through his failure, he taps into something more and T&T becomes more about the growing need for heroism through adversity and becomes one of the greatest narratives I’ve seen. It’s touching, gritty, and sad. It’s everything you want in a superhero film. Although some will find it’s experimental styles too jarring, it’s held together well through the film thanks to its emotional core. Take the 12 minutes out of your day to watch this. 

[Captain T&T, via Kuriositas]