Flix for Short: Cargo


People say the zombie genre is overplayed, and for the most part we’d tend to agree. Then something like Cargo comes along and you start to believe that there may still be original ideas out there. A finalist at Tropfest Australia 2014 the short shows off what really makes good zombie movies good: zombies and humanity.

It’s not quite clear what’s going on for most of it, but you know the dad has a plan. Then at the end when it all comes together is when it hits you right in the feels. I mean, as the The Walking Dead has shown us, adding a baby into a survival situation isn’t always the best idea, but thankfully this is a short and all we have to do is wonder at the BEST DAD EVER. No blood and guts, no over-the-top zombie feeding, and yet probably one of the better zombie films you’ll see this year. 

Matthew Razak
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