Flix for Short: The Saga of Biorn


The Saga of Biôrn is a short animated film by the graduates of this year’s Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop in Denmark. And they did an amazing job. Seriously, they way they combined really well-done 3D animation with 2D backgrounds is absolutely seamless, and the surprising storyline is wonderfully unorthodox.

The Saga of Biôrn is the story of an aging viking who needs to find a way to die honorably in battle so that he can go to Valhalla, only to find out that this task might be harder than he thinks. Yes, in case you didn’t catch that, the short is all about the main character trying to die. Try that surely-controversial-storyline on for size, Lasseter. Oh wait, nevermind, he’s too busy trying on a million Hawaiian shirts.

[via The Fox is Black]