Flix for Short: True Skin


True Skin, brought to you by Stephan Zlotescu and production company N1ON, is sort of a mix of Deux Ex: Human Revolution and a natural progression of the philosophy behind Gattaca. This awesome short film takes place in a futuristic version of Bangkok’s red light district in which the newest trend is getting robotic implants and upgrades (and if you don’t have them, you’re out of luck). 

This whole thing looks fantastic, and I don’t think I can emphasize that enough. Although there’s plenty of shiny neon lights, there’s still a distinct grittiness that shines through here (especially with the Futurama-like hooker bots). The only thing that gets me is the narrator. I’ve had enough of the grumbly tough guys, thank you. 

Apparently, Zlotescu is currently trying to pitch True Skin as a full length feature. There seems to be enough plot threads in the short six minutes to fill a whole flick, so let’s hope he gets a chance. I would love to look at more of this world. 

[via Collider]