Four Marvel films in development at Fox


The Fox/Disney/Sony split up of the Marvel franchises has meant that three different production companies are pushing three different universes all at once. Marvel is doing the best job of it, and Fox appears to want some of their brilliant crossover action as they now have four movies announced that take place in their X-Men focused Marvel universe. The films are the next Wolverine movie, X-Force, the reboot of the Fantastic Four and Deadpool. Most of these have been announced or rumored, but CheatSheet does a great job of putting it all into context.

I don’t think Fox really knew what they were doing until they saw what Marvel/Disney was doing, but now that they are it would be great if they could actually get their act together. I’m a fan of the fact that the X-Men and Avengers universes are separate because I think it allows for more of a good thing in each one, but Fox needs to prove that they can actually put it all together. 

Matthew Razak
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