Fox to stop distributing 35mm prints in Hong Kong


Thanks to the lovely chaps at /Film, we’ve got some pretty disheartening news: Fox will cease distribution of 35mm prints of their movies starting in 2012 in Hong Kong and Macau. Now, most of you dear readers won’t care at all, but this is a huge step forward for digital projection. If this plan succeeds in those two markets, we’re more than likely to see Fox implement digital only distribution here in the States. 

So what does this mean for you as a movie-goer? Honestly, not much. Ticket prices will still be outrageous, and theatres will still be pimping out their stupid overkill setups that are too loud and is too dim. Gone will be the familiar flicker of the projector and the beautiful livid images that come from it. Sure, digital may look “cleaner”, but film will forever look better to me.

Sure, the technology makes digital “prints” way cheaper to produce because you’re not printing a physical thing. But we purists will insist on seeing a strip of film being projected for us. Thank goodness for theatres like the Cinefamily and the New Beverly.

[via /Film]