George Lucas ‘not hungry’ to do Indiana Jones 5


Some people forgave Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Interminable Title its myriad sins because it wasn’t quite as bad as the Star Wars prequels, although even those deluded few must have been a little disheartened by rumours George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were planning to take defenceless old Indy for another ride, despite his looking older than the tombs he was investigating in the previous movie. Fortunately, producer Frank Marshall has suggested in an interview with Collider that Lucas has no plans on getting started with the next movie anytime soon, and Crystal Skull is likely to be the character’s ‘last hurrah’.

It’s a shame they had to do that ‘last hurrah’ at all, but at least it sounds like Indy will be able to rest in peace with only one lousy movie besmirching his good name. A fifth always seemed unlikely, but it’s a relief to have someone come out and basically confirm it, allaying any fears Spielberg might have been secretly planning on having Shia ‘swings with monkeys’ LaBeouf take over the series. Shudder.

[via Collider]