George Lucas ruining Star Wars afresh


Star Wars fans have had to endure a whole lot of suffering since George Lucas decided in the late nineties that the original trilogy was too popular to leave alone. Despite vowing in a 1983 edition of TIME magazine not to return to the series, he ended up not only creating a new trilogy comprising three of the worst movies to ever see a wide release, but also meddling with the original trilogy for a cinematic re-release, adding swathes of intrusive CGI and making Han Solo a whole lot less cool than he used to be.

Lessons clearly haven’t be learnt and Lucas is planning on making a bad situation even worse by making further alterations to the original trilogy ahead of its Blu-Ray release. Brace yourselves for this: one such change involves transferring Vader’s embarrassing ‘Nooooo!’ from Revenge Of The Sith, when he discovers his missus has croaked, to Return Of The Jedi. The scream will be added to the moment when Vader throws the Emperor down a reactor shaft to save his son. That sound you just heard? Dramatic irony landing with a blunt THUD.

The worst part is perhaps how Lucas is not only continuing to desecrate movies central to a generation’s childhoods, but also refusing to allow the original versions to be released on modern formats, denying those who saw them first time around from seeing the movies as they fell in love with them, and possibly introducing them to their children. I’m not even a big Star Wars geek, but think all this is completely reprehensible.

Check after the jump, if you can bear it, for a video of how this travesty will end up playing.

[via /Film and NY Times]