Gerard Butler, Vin Diesel could join Kane and Lynch movie


Remember way back in 2007 when talks of a movie adaptation of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men was in the works? Me neither. What I do remember, however, was the film was almost released in 2011 with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx in talks to star and then it was suddenly lost forever. For some reason, talk of the film has started up again as it presumably gets a completely new start. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Millenium Films is producing the film still with F. Gary Gray (Olympus Has Fallen) set to direct it. Gerard Butler is in early talks to star as Kane, but that’s not the interesting part here. What’s notable about THR’s story is that Millenium Films has offered the role of Lynch to Vin Diesel. No word on that, yet, but I’d probably watch a Kane and Lynch film if one of the two were Vin Diesel. You know what? Both Kane and Lynch should be played by Vin Diesel with Diesel talking into a mirror in every scene. Or you know what? Scrap this film altogether and just adapt Wheelman already.

[via THR]