Ghostubers is getting another Twinkies flavor to celebrate the new film


If you love Twinkies and Ghostbusters, then you will be all over this news. The two have partnered up again for a collaboration featuring a new flavor just in time before Ghostbusters: Afterlife hits theaters. Two outlets, and a user via Instagram shared the info and a look at the new Twinkies displays are set to hit stores in June. According to all this, so far these seem to be a Walmart only exclusive. Twinkie fans, if you have your heart set on this, you will have only one place to get it.

Hostess and Ghostbusters did the same thing almost 5 years ago in 2016 for the last time the film hit theaters with its all-female cast reboot. That time it was a Key Lime Slime flavor this time it looks like the Twinkies will be filled with some interesting looking blue icing. Will you be tempted to try this new movie tie-in treat? Let us know!

New ‘Ghostbusters’ Twinkies Coming in June [Nerdbot]

Tarah Bleier
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