Gina Carano joins Deadpool cast, Colossus will show up


The awesome Deadpool news just keeps on coming. First it was the fact that the movie was actually getting made. Then it was just a hint at the mask and now we get some awesome casting news. Gina Carano will be joining in. Carano will play Angel Dust, who was a Morlock in the comics. Also, Colossus will be in the film evidently, but no word if he’ll be played by the same guy as in X-Men films… most likely not as that role is being recast there.

I’m highly dubious of Fox as I still haven’t forgiven them for Last Stand, but they made up a lot of ground with First Class and Days of Future Past so I can’t help but be excited. Carano is fricking awesome and should be in way more movies. Also, the Colossus news means that Deadpool will be part of the X-Men cinematic universe, which opens up some fantastic doors.

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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