Goyer talks Justice League, WB working on Aquaman


Whether we end up liking Man of Steel or not (Matt’s review indicates we’ll mostly like it), Warner Bros and DC are using it as the jumping point for the rest of their cinematic universe, starting with a Man of Steel sequel and eventually leading to a Justice League movie. In speaking with Bleeding Cool, David S. Goyer (the man who once spoke about Man of Steel‘s “naturalism”) noted that JL was on the brain when he and Snyder worked on MoS: 

It is our intention that, in success, [Man of Steel] would be the zero issue and from this point onward, possible films could expand into a shared universe. In our world, the Man of Steel world, Zack has gone on record saying that we’re implying there are other superheroes in this world. But I don’t know that they’ve come forward yet. The idea is that Superman is the first one. There might be people helping people, but not in costumes, and that Superman comes forward and announces himself to the world. In him announcing himself, he’s the one that changes things…I don’t want to get too in depth…but there would be a cause and effect. And that would extend to the collateral damage that happened, and to what other countries feel about the fact Superman calls America his home. Man of Steel doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

If you don’t want to read through the block, Goyer states that Supes’s arrival into the world causes problems for some and inspires others. And, at least in that sense, that sounds like a great way to introduce other heroes because all Superman does is inspire folks and punch guys real good. In other news, according to The Wrap, now that MoS is shaping up to do well, WB is “kicking the tires” (whatever the hell that means) on Aquaman and Wonder Woman solo films to take place after Justice League. So expect an opposite Avengers approach for DC. I’m fine with all of this as long as nothing is made out of hot garbage. 

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