Gremlins reboot could almost happen possibly maybe


Looks like Vulture is at it again with another heap of contradictory news, but this time, it’s not about space samurais. Which means we’re sticking this news firmly in the “rumor” category also. Despite years and years of Joe Dante’s assertions that Gremlins was getting another sequel, the rights have always been far to expensive (other studios have been stomped down by Amblin before). 

Looks like Warner Bros. want to take a crack at it. Vulture claims that Warner Bros might pull it off and Joe Dante could direct it. And of course, this is a bad idea. Joe Dante is 90s great and all, but did you see his most recent work, The Hole? It was awful. I would hate for Gremlins to be put through that kind of torture. But you know how these things work. Dollar Dollar bill y’all.

[via Vulture]