Hal Hartley successfully funds Meanwhile via Kickstarter


Back at the beginning of the month, we told you that Hal Hartley was using Kickstarter to complete his latest film Meanwhile. Well, good news, everyone: the project has been successfully funded!

With 19 days left to go, Hartley and company surpassed their goal of $40,000. In one of the more recent project updates, a jazzed and exhausted Hartley wrote, “This is making me re-think how I can be a creative person in the commercial world.”

After the jump we have the full Kickstarter update from Hartley about his funding success and the progress made on the film’s post-production. You can still help fund the project and learn more about the movie at the official Kickstarter page for Meanwhile. Incentives for funding include a copy of the soundtrack, a limited edition DVD, and much more.


I woke up this morning to discover we had reached — and surpassed — our Kickstarter goal of $40,000.

THANK YOU to all of you who have pledged! This is great.

But we still have 19 days to go, so tell your friends! I might be able to pre-sell enough DVDs to earn back the cost of the film. That would make me what is called in the biz a “profitable filmmaker.” Not a very glamorous designation but it helps get professionals to return your calls.

Me and the gang here are anxious to start designing and manufacturing the DVD, CD, and lobby card. Also, on the agenda for December is the final audio mix and the mastering of the music.

It’s a good feeling to make work when you know it has somewhere to go!

So far, this has been a fascinating experience. As I’ve already written to some of you, I have never had such a direct line to my audience. Though I don’t try to make work for any specific audience, it is good to know — generally — who is watching and — critically — that there are people who want to see more.

Wherever you are, WHOEVER you are… THANKS!


Hubert Vigilla
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