Harrison Ford is all about being in the new Star Wars


You’re loving this, right? Ever since the Disney/Star Wars thing went down and a new Star Wars for 2015 was been confirmed it’s basically been non-stop Star Wars news day and night. A director is already rumored and now the acting bits are starting to come in. While the new trilogy is definitely in very early stages one of the ideas is to bring back all the old characters and have them hand the series off to the new guys (kind of like Star Trek did). This would require the old actors to come back, and it sounds like they’re all in. 

“Harrison is open to the idea of doing the movie and he’s upbeat about it, all three of them are,” a highly placed source that is close to the film told EW. He’s referring to Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, who have evidently all been approached to return. I assume Fisher and Hamill jumped at the chance, but it’s reported that Ford won’t move forward with contracts until a script and director are in place.

It’s a bit of a surprise because Ford has always been somewhat icier towards the series than all the other actors. He’s only appeared at one Star Wars event since the release of the originals and is often quoted as saying he doesn’t really get it. Still, enough money and a script he likes and I’m sure he’ll be back, just not with a quick enough draw to shoot first. 

[via EW]

Matthew Razak
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