Have a LOT of Tree of Life stills for your morning


It may not be as exciting as the gorgeous trailer, these stills from The Tree of Life just add to my already bursting excitement to see this film. Now, unfortunately, none of the pictures are from the rumored creation of the universe sequence, or from the confirmed dinosaur section, but it still gives us that much more of a glimpse at what’s going on in this film.

You can check it all out in the gallery below. Pour yourself a coffee, because there’s kind of a gargantuan number of stills here. Me, I’m counting the days until May 18th. A Terrence Malick movie isn’t so much something to look forward to as it is an event. It matters. The man’s a bonafide genius when it comes to film, and I’m hoping Tree of Life will be no different.

[Via The Playlist, Via The Film Stage]